• Written by Mrs Ricard in From the Renaissance to the Elizabethan Age on October 9th 2011 at 10:24 AM

    Today, we learnt a about the Elizabethan Era : each group had a webquest to do in order to find out more about this important period in England's History.

    Here are the results of our quests :

      Shakespeare's life (Valérie and Victoria)

      Historical and Social context (Amélie and Marion)

      Intellectual life : great discoveries (Samantha,Pascaline Morgane)

      Elizabethan Theatre : The Globe Theatre ( Rémi and Romain )                                

      Religious Life (Maïlis and Héléna)

      Education  (Anne-Sophie and Laura)

      Marriage and Customs (Marie-Athénaïs)

      Literary terms (Garance and Fanny)



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