•                                      From " Romeo and Juliet " to " West side Story "



                                                            Romeo and Juliet

    The Characters:

    Romeo: Montaigu's family

    Juliet: Capulet's family

    Mercutio: Romeo's best friend

    Tybalt: Juliet's cousin

    Paris: Juliet's pretender

    Friar Laurence: He married secretly Romeo and Juliet

    The Nurse: She helps the two lovers to be together

    The Prince: It's the person the more important in the family. She dominates.


    The Setting:

    This scene takes place in Verona, Italy in the Middle-Age.


    The Plot:

    The feuding takes place between the Montaigu and the Capulet families. Indeed they are in rivalry.


    The Lovers:

    Romeo and Juliet are descended from wealthy families. Romea has 15 years-old and Juliet has 12 years-old. Their first encounter takes place at a bal.


    The Action:

    Mercutio is killed by Tybalt.

    Romeo killed Tybalt and his rival Paris

    After finding Juliet " dead", Romeo killed himself. But when Juliet woke up and saw Romeo lying dead by her side she killed herself too.


                                                               West side Story



    The Characters:

    Tony: in love with Maria

    Maria: in love with Tony

    Riff: Tony's friend

    Bernado: Maria's brother

    Chino: Maria's husband

    Anita: Maria's friend


    The Setting:

    The scene takes place in West Side in New York. It's in 1950 s


    The Plot:

    They are two groups: - Sharks= Puerto Rican               -Jets= American       (These are gangs )

    The two groups of teenagers fight each other for control of the street. 


    The Lovers:

    Maria is Puerto Rican whereas Tony is American. Tony has 20 years-old and Maria has 17 years-old. Their first encounter takes place at a bal.


    The Action:

    Maria's brother is killed by Tony

    Tony is killed by Chino






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