•                                                    The fifth child by Doris Lessing

                                                                  Extract 4

    * The characters present in this passage are the gang of Ben, David and Harriet.

    ** In this extract, when David came home one evening and found the gang to his home,     watching television surrounded by: "  beer cans, cartons of take-away Chinese, papers that   had held fish and chips, all over the floor " he asked them to clean.

    Then, David asks young people to return home. Ben leaves with the gang. David and Harriet have a conversation. Seated before his plate, David begins the dialogue. They both speak primarily of Ben

    Shortly, after Harriet and David finds himself in their bedroom, lying down in bed. Harriet  spoke to David but got no answer because he sleep.

    *** David and Harriet have a conversation related to Ben.

    David thinks it's time to sell the houseHe told Harriet that it is madness to keep it.Harriet says that he is rightShe agrees to it.

    However, she persists in thinking and saying that maybe the children would liketo keep it.
    David does not share this viewIndeedfor him he has no children because all his children have left home because of BenHe said Harriet has only one childBen.

    Harriet says that Ben will eventually leave.
    David asks why he would do because everything is at his disposal in the house:
    come whenever they wantdo what he wantseat according to his desire ...
    But for Harriet's life with the gang's lack of action, adventure so she said one  day he will go to big cities. He depends of his only companions.

    Despite this explanationDavid is convinced that Ben will not leave the house because it's like a hotel and Harriet to keep up that it will eventually go to follow the gang.

    **** David seems like superior from the gang. We can see because when David do his request to clean the scraps, the gang reacts immediately. Davis is considered as the master of the house. For this man, the band doesn't the right comes to encroach upon on his territory. Harriet and David seems like from nowon separated by a mural a transparent wall. Now, Harriet and David must sell the house. Moreover, David reproach to Harriet not to have children but more exactly he reproach to Harriet their "son" Ben. This child is considered as guilty but also Harriet. In this extract, David appears more old, shadowy and stopped. During this last years, he wasn't happy. In spite of this, Harriet hopes to find alife as before : she proposed to David holidays to be together.

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