•                          Le "je" de l'écrivain / Le "jeu"de l'écriture                                                  


    je = I

    jeu = game


    Le "je" de l'écrivain : 

    An autobiography is a text in which the author is the narrator, and he/she tells his/her own story.

    A first person narrative is a text in which one of the characters is the narrator.

    A thind person narrative is a text in which the narrator is outside the.


    Le "jeu" de l'écriture : 

    Writers often have fun :

    *** they play with words ( they can invent words )

    *** they play with homophones ( I / eye )

    *** they play with the setting of the text ( acrostyches )

    *** they can write distorted texts, parodies or pastiches


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