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        Outside a dark creepy and terrifying castle, a endless rain was falling , the infernal thunder was rumbling, darkness there and nothing more. The castle seemed to be sinister. I, Hannah was seventeen ans I had organized a mask ball with high school mates. All the girls from my Sunday-school class were coming, and four of the best have boys as well.

          The atmosphere in the castle was really strange, strange and strange. The corridor was narrow and oppressive, the floor creaked and we had a humid sensation.

          I was dressind in a pink summer dress when suddenly I thought about Thomas Henry Smithson and Ralph Wellings. Thomas was conscientious, lumberingly polite for anything whereas Ralph, who was a strange boy, was a little, fat and wild. I had a bad foreboding.

          I ran out of the room, worried to look for my mother. When she crossed into the corridor, the light switched off/on, off/on, off/on, off/on... I found that strange, strange, strange... I entered my mum's room. Mum was behind the window and she was looking at the gloomy weather. I approached her and took her hand but she didn't move anymore, anymore...and anymore. Suddenly she clapped her hands and she pushed a frightening howling. There was a furious, tremendous,gigantic flash of lightning. I was so surprised that I jumped. My eyes was looked into the miroir. A scary vision appeared then I fell back unconscious.


        Later, I woke up in a hospital bed. The room was spoiled and very dusty and a foul smell all around. When I looked in there was the room, I saw an unknown woman who called me « Grandma ».

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