Ernest Hemingway ( 1899 - 1961 ) : the traveler



    Ernest Hemingway was born in July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, in Illinois. This man is an american author and  reporter, who has stopped his studies to go in Key West to work at Kansas City Star ( Famous newspaper founded in 1880 in Missouri in the United States - Link Kansas City Star ) where he will work during 10 years-old.

    Two years later ( 1918 ), during the WWI, he worked as an ambulance driver. And at that era, he felt in love with a nurse and stayed about 8 years-old together: that nurse called Hadley Richardson (1891- 1979). But, they divorced in 1927.

    You should know that Ernest Hemingway had too worked in the newspaper The Toronton Star!            Between 1919 - 1920.

    E.Hemingways liked much the Sport : For example he assisted at a Bull-fighting to Pamplona in Spain ; he participated at a safaris in Africa... ( Then, he returned to USA ).

    More later, in 1928, he married with Pauline Pfeifer (1895-1951) she's also a repoter ! But, the couple has divorced in 1937...

    Altough E. Hemingway is an intellectual, he is too interested by fishing and hunting^^ ( He hunted the deers ! ). It's important to say that this man will write anyway a book about the fish = The Oldman and the sea - 1951 ( a book really sensational with much emotions***). Hemingway like much to write.

    Then, whereas it is the civil war in Spain, he went there and became a war correspondent.

    Afterward in 1939, he left to Spain and then went to settle in Cuba. There he will marry with another reporter - 1940 : she named Marta Gellhorn (1908-1998) ( both will divorce 5 years-old later ). One years before -1944, E.Hemingway was a war correspondent in France and he was present in Paris during the liberation.

    Once more, he will marry in 1946. The lucky winner was again a reporter and this one called Marry Welsh (1908-1986). The will stay years-old together.

    E. Hemingway like too travel. That's why, he will go to Venice and will stay several months.

    But, this historical character will know a sad end. Indeed, he going to suicide in ketchum in Idaho...


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