•                               " The old Man and the Sea " : Comparison Book / Film


    Comparing the opening scene of the novel to the beginning of John Sturges's movie ( 1958 ).


    I/    Firstly, we can noticed that many words, sentences of movie are stick to the text.
           For example: l 1 " He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish "  /  l 10 " The old man was thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck "
    The text is respected in general, although several sentences aren't used in the same order. So, we can see a willingness to film maker of create a sort of tale !

    Indeed, thanks to that process the spectator is as bewitched:
    - The first image of the movie is the waves of the sea = so, it's an atmosphere almost imaginary. We are transported into another world, a wonderful world...
    - Then, the voice of the narrator which is enough slow and serious = Therefore that strange voice surprise the spectator

    The narrative occupe the first part of movie and then the dialogue betweend Santiago and the boy begins.


    II/    From my point of view, the choice of the actors isn't judicious. I believe that is not a good decision because of the age of the characters. Notably, the boy's age. Indeed, this one is to me too much younger: he is about 11 years-old in the movie whereas  we can noticed that in the book  he is about 17 years-old. Therefore, by this process the film maker remove of the density of the relationship betwwen the old man and the boy.

    We can ramarked that the old man seems like youger too, but the difference with the novel is much less impressive. There are some details which catch viewer's attention : For example, in the movie the old man hasn't scars as in the novel...


    ** Note: The old man's actor = Spencer Tracy was a very famous and excellent actor. At that time, he has a real success to Hollywood.


    III/  The viewers can see that the film-maker stress the relationship between the two characters :

    - Two moments where the old man and the boy are separated

    - The movie is unquestionably slow. Subsequently, this slowness evolve. She gives a feeling of unreality, we aren't in the real life. It tells a fable. We can discern many malancholy and  sadness on the face of the old man.

    - When the young boy left the hut = he launched a loving gaze to the old man



    This opening scene correspond to the "Anticipation stage" Christopher's book describes. Indeed, although the old man hasn't caught a fish for 84 days now he still believe he manage to catch a fish and a big one. He's ready for a new journey and he fills time has come. He is all the more confident than the boy trusts him.


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