Ernest Hemingway:  The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

                                                                          Part Two



    This second part of The Old Man ans the Sea is enough strange. Indeed, we can notice that several things haven't a real significance. That's why we have to study this part as if we were child ! To analyse this extract we have to put some questions.


    Few examples :    - How come the old man knows Africa ?

                                   Africa may have attracked him for a long time


                                  - How come the old man dreamed of the lions on the beach ?                                                                                                                                            

                                    He may have seen the lions on the beach when he was younger


                                  - How come the old man went to wake the boy ?

                                     The boy may have asked him to do it


                                    - How come the boy followed the old man ?

                                      He may have wanted to fish with him again                                                           



    We can say that this 2nd part correspond to the " Dream Stage ". 

    The old man doesn't feel disconcerted on the sea since he considers her as a woman but also a friend. In reality, the old man doesn't consider the sea as his enemy ! He's not in the dreamstage where everything is new because he has a deep knowledge of the ocean.

    We can see that it's only at the end of the passage that the old man enters in the dream stage. Indeed, the current has pushed him far away. So, he hasn't got everything on the control anymore " He was letting the current do a third of the work and as it started to be light he saw he was already further out than hoped to be at this hour ".



    Read it : Here and here

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