Ernest Hemingway:  The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

                                                                          Part Five



    The old man experienced the dangers of the sea. But he had already experienced those dangers. He must have encountered sharks before since he managed to kill them.

     In the old man point of view, nothing has changed. He believes he's still '' unlucky '' l 23 and he has the feeling he has been defeated ( « they beat me » ). He thinks that this experience has nothing changed.

     Although he managed to catch the big fish at last , he sould have been proud of it.

     He had exactly the same dream that the beginning. It's like a circle, as if he was back to step one. He believes nothing has changed.

     Yet, a lot of things has changed: the people's opinion on him has changed. Indeed, now they admire him whereas they used to despise him ; to make fun of him.

     Manolin can certainly to come back with him, but the old man wants to be alone. But, he might be lucky again, as Manolin with young..

     In this travel novel, the main character isn't aware of the changes which have occured during this experience. He will become aware thanks to the others characters who will make him as he walk have heroic he has been.


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