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    Consignes: Search for a painting of London that sticks to the text description of A.Machen.

                          What elements can you find in the text and in the tableau ?  Why have you choose this paint ?


    TABLEAU PEINTURE londres quai ville toile Villes  - QUAI DE LONDRE



    Well, the paint that I've chosen represent a quay of London and I strongly believe that this one has a lot of similarities with the text '' The Hill of Dreams '' written by A.Machen.


    So, when we compare the canvas and the tale we can immediately noticed that an heavy and dark atmosphere is present.

    -Firstly, because of the essential color which is the black. Indeed, this one is like ubiquitous. It creates a strange but also scary impression to the reader.

    -Also, we can guess that the action takes place during the night. Therefore, any shapes can't be perceived, or rather it's quite difficult : for example the vague shapes of houses...

    -Afterward, we can noticed that there is the presence of fog. That prevent the character to discern the shapes.

    -Then, I would like noticed another similarity between the two work, so that there are nobody in the streets of London, nobody on the quay. That's why, we can say the protagonist in the text and the one who consider the scene on the painting has the impression to be alone. It's a sort of ghost town. The town is deserted and empty.

    -It also possible to say that the water of quay is like a fen. It is gloomy, and that accentuate the silence in the place.

    -To finish, we distinctly have the impression that the character pervades deeper and deeer into a labyrinth. He gives the sensation that he will go lose oneself with himself.

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