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    Book ReportTitle                               : Hannah

    Author                          : Malachi Whitaker

    Publisher                      : Cambridge University Press

    Date of publication    : 1933

    Setting                          : Hannah's house- XX century ( sixteen years ) in USA or England 

    Characters: Characters's descriptions :

    Hannah, is a girl of 17 years-old, who has got  brown hair and  is in love with Ralph Wellings. She's very excited. Thomas Henry Smithson is a young man very conscientious and polite. Hannah's mother likes him. Ralph Wellings is a boy of 19 years-old who has got blue-black hair. Furthermore he's strange, fat and wild.


    Summary of the plot and personnal opinion:

    Hannah is a short story about a young girl who names Hannah. She's 17 years-old and she organizes a party; it's for this reason it is excited.At this party they will be Thomas Henry Smithson, a young man, who's very appreciated by Hannah's mother and Ralph Wellings a boy of nineteen, strange, fat and wild but also some guest. We learn that Hannah is in love with Ralp Wellings. Indeed, she imagines to have children with him. Later, Hannah wakes up and sees a middle-aged woman who calls her "grandma". So, What happened during this evening?


     short story  (link)


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    Mrs Ricard Profil de Mrs Ricard
    Dimanche 8 Avril 2012 à 22:38

    Good book report. But the text you have read is the whole story, not just an "extract".

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