• Comparison: Romeo and Juliet / West Side Story

                                                   Comparison between: "Romeo and Juliet"

                                                                                                                "West side Story"



    -They say 7 times "Good Night"

    -It takes place at night: (night keeps their secrets). It a time when you can dream and your dreams will come   true.

    -They know they are different from the rest of the world: "they are not one of us"

    -Symbol of the balcony: it is both part of her intimary, but also outside her world (the world rejects)

    -Maria doesn't want Tony to see her father because she knows he won't like him.

    -Tony/ Romeo is more excited than Maria/Juliet. She seems to be sensible.



    -There is a change in rofes: at the beginning Maria calms him down, at the end it's Tony who says "Shhh". They are aware of the danger.

    -They didn't kiss

    -They sing together

    -Maria saw Tony first

    -Tony steps on the balcony: they are on an equal footing.

    -The balcony is an emergency staircase which fooks like a jail ( maybe it symbolizes the prison is which their social background had put them).


    Common Themes: 

    -" star-crossed lovers"

    -Their love is impossible in this world

    -Yet, they challenge their families or gang to love each other. They betray their origins.

    -A world apart


    Movie summons: " It's not us, it's everything around us". Here Maria means the problem comes from the others. Romeo and Juliet just like Tony and Maria symbolize the perfect love ideal-love which can't exist in the world of hateful.

    The place they are looking for is not definitive: - "a place"/ "there"/ "Some" (Somehow; Somewhere; Someday...)


    The point commun between Romeo and Juliet then Tony and Maria=where perfect love exist ?

    West side Story song words / Translation- song 
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