•  What I like reading ? 

     I like reading the books in link with the Middle-Ages. For example "The Doves of the King-Sun" ; "Jacquou the crunchy" or still "The three musketeers". I guess it's because I love that era, that life: the chivalry, the swords and the masked balls...What's more for me the medieval period is representative of romanticism. I like also reading Mangas. On the other hand, dislike reading fantastic books (finally, it depends on the books). I prefer the reality.

    How often do I read ?

    In the whole, I read at least one or two a week. Otherwise, whenhave the time: so, in the evening after my homework, on Wednesdays after lunch, and the weekend. I read for thirty/ forty minutes. But sometimes I have no time, as on Tuesday night because I practice a sport.


                                        Where do I reading ? 

     I like reading in my bedroom, on my bed with the door closed. In this way, I can be quiet, nobody disturb me. During this moment I can escape and forget all my worries, all my problems. But I like also reading  in my garden when it's nice. It's more peaceful and relaxing.

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