Question:   If Romeo and Juliet had lived do you think their love story would have ended as David and Harriet ?

    In winter, when we light the fire in the fireplace we can notice that it burns slowly, suddenly lights then finally over time. Well, I think that love it's the same thing. Indeed, I strongly believe that love isn't eternal, at least limited. Because of the events of life it doesn't survive. So, I think that if Romeo and Juliet had lived their love story would have ended as David and Harriet's. To my mind, despite their passion, their tenderness but also their devotion one for the other, the flame which had existed between them would be off. As Ben with David and Harriet, their familly would have destroyed their love. I guess that gradually they have would become distant because each reproached to the other to have believed in their love story. But also because their parents will have created many misunderstandings. In this way Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have been able to communicate and their love would have disappeared.

    For the momentI still don't know love, so I hope I'm wrong about the love vision that I have today.

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  •                                      From " Romeo and Juliet " to " West side Story "



                                                            Romeo and Juliet

    The Characters:

    Romeo: Montaigu's family

    Juliet: Capulet's family

    Mercutio: Romeo's best friend

    Tybalt: Juliet's cousin

    Paris: Juliet's pretender

    Friar Laurence: He married secretly Romeo and Juliet

    The Nurse: She helps the two lovers to be together

    The Prince: It's the person the more important in the family. She dominates.


    The Setting:

    This scene takes place in Verona, Italy in the Middle-Age.


    The Plot:

    The feuding takes place between the Montaigu and the Capulet families. Indeed they are in rivalry.


    The Lovers:

    Romeo and Juliet are descended from wealthy families. Romea has 15 years-old and Juliet has 12 years-old. Their first encounter takes place at a bal.


    The Action:

    Mercutio is killed by Tybalt.

    Romeo killed Tybalt and his rival Paris

    After finding Juliet " dead", Romeo killed himself. But when Juliet woke up and saw Romeo lying dead by her side she killed herself too.


                                                               West side Story



    The Characters:

    Tony: in love with Maria

    Maria: in love with Tony

    Riff: Tony's friend

    Bernado: Maria's brother

    Chino: Maria's husband

    Anita: Maria's friend


    The Setting:

    The scene takes place in West Side in New York. It's in 1950 s


    The Plot:

    They are two groups: - Sharks= Puerto Rican               -Jets= American       (These are gangs )

    The two groups of teenagers fight each other for control of the street. 


    The Lovers:

    Maria is Puerto Rican whereas Tony is American. Tony has 20 years-old and Maria has 17 years-old. Their first encounter takes place at a bal.


    The Action:

    Maria's brother is killed by Tony

    Tony is killed by Chino






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  •                                                Comparison between: "Romeo and Juliet"

                                                                                                                "West side Story"



    -They say 7 times "Good Night"

    -It takes place at night: (night keeps their secrets). It a time when you can dream and your dreams will come   true.

    -They know they are different from the rest of the world: "they are not one of us"

    -Symbol of the balcony: it is both part of her intimary, but also outside her world (the world rejects)

    -Maria doesn't want Tony to see her father because she knows he won't like him.

    -Tony/ Romeo is more excited than Maria/Juliet. She seems to be sensible.



    -There is a change in rofes: at the beginning Maria calms him down, at the end it's Tony who says "Shhh". They are aware of the danger.

    -They didn't kiss

    -They sing together

    -Maria saw Tony first

    -Tony steps on the balcony: they are on an equal footing.

    -The balcony is an emergency staircase which fooks like a jail ( maybe it symbolizes the prison is which their social background had put them).


    Common Themes: 

    -" star-crossed lovers"

    -Their love is impossible in this world

    -Yet, they challenge their families or gang to love each other. They betray their origins.

    -A world apart


    Movie summons: " It's not us, it's everything around us". Here Maria means the problem comes from the others. Romeo and Juliet just like Tony and Maria symbolize the perfect love ideal-love which can't exist in the world of hateful.

    The place they are looking for is not definitive: - "a place"/ "there"/ "Some" (Somehow; Somewhere; Someday...)


    The point commun between Romeo and Juliet then Tony and Maria=where perfect love exist ?

    West side Story song words / Translation- song 
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  •     The Romantic Age

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  •    The 18th century
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