• Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet 


    Shakespeare writes the novel Romeo and Juliet in the XVI century. The prologue is the part which begins the play.


     Prologue= introduction to a story


      Where> The place where the story takes place: Verona, Italy

      When> The time when it takes place: in the Middle-Age

      Characters> The main characters: - two lovers

                                                         - two households ( The Capulets / The Montaigue )

    Context> The families of the two lovers are ennemies. Their quarrels are extremely violent.  Their children fall in love but their parents hatred will cause their death. This death will bring   peace (" mend").

    Romeo and Juliet is written in old english. For example: Thou/ Thee/ Thy

    The two heroes meet at a party. More later in the night Romeo comes to Juliet's balcony. The balcony and the moon are light up.   Moon= night keeps secrets

    The Kinsman's Juliet if they see Romeo they killed him.

    Kinsman= persons of the same blood so the same family

    Cloak= a cape with a a hood

    Moon ( feminity) opposed to Sun ( masculinity)        Scene of feminity: balcony scene

    Juliet is enlightened whereas Romeo is in the darkness. Juliet has the dominant role. She is above ( a higher position). She is out of reach. Around them they are trees. The orchard symbolize intimity. The love of Romeo and Juliet is new. It's as a fruit which ripe.


    Orchard= un verger

    A Sin= un pécher

    Ripe= mûre

    Evil otherwise Good

    Photo réçit : Romeo and Juliet   ( click on the link ! )
    Vidéo: The balcony scene
     http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlkv2f_romeo- and-juliet-zeffirelli-the-balcony-scene_shortfilms


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