• Romeo and Juliet / David and Harriet


    Question:   If Romeo and Juliet had lived do you think their love story would have ended as David and Harriet ?

    In winter, when we light the fire in the fireplace we can notice that it burns slowly, suddenly lights then finally over time. Well, I think that love it's the same thing. Indeed, I strongly believe that love isn't eternal, at least limited. Because of the events of life it doesn't survive. So, I think that if Romeo and Juliet had lived their love story would have ended as David and Harriet's. To my mind, despite their passion, their tenderness but also their devotion one for the other, the flame which had existed between them would be off. As Ben with David and Harriet, their familly would have destroyed their love. I guess that gradually they have would become distant because each reproached to the other to have believed in their love story. But also because their parents will have created many misunderstandings. In this way Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have been able to communicate and their love would have disappeared.

    For the momentI still don't know love, so I hope I'm wrong about the love vision that I have today.

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