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    Here are some literary work where a Initiatory journey takes place: 

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    Firstly, I would like to precise that this type of book isn't what I read usually.So, at first I thought that this story don't entice me ! But, finally I've appreciate the plot. 

    It a simple story, but quite interresting. We discover the stronger connexion that it exists between the old man and the young boy, then there is a sort of adventure which takes place. And during this part of book, we are a little anxious because we don't know what it going to pass. Although, that I haven't read the novel in all his totality, I should you, even if isn't your style of novel,like me !  

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    A site with plenty of information and details about the novel !

    Click on the link = http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/oldman/


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                                              Ernest Hemingway:  The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

                                                                          Part Five



    The old man experienced the dangers of the sea. But he had already experienced those dangers. He must have encountered sharks before since he managed to kill them.

     In the old man point of view, nothing has changed. He believes he's still '' unlucky '' l 23 and he has the feeling he has been defeated ( « they beat me » ). He thinks that this experience has nothing changed.

     Although he managed to catch the big fish at last , he sould have been proud of it.

     He had exactly the same dream that the beginning. It's like a circle, as if he was back to step one. He believes nothing has changed.

     Yet, a lot of things has changed: the people's opinion on him has changed. Indeed, now they admire him whereas they used to despise him ; to make fun of him.

     Manolin can certainly to come back with him, but the old man wants to be alone. But, he might be lucky again, as Manolin with young..

     In this travel novel, the main character isn't aware of the changes which have occured during this experience. He will become aware thanks to the others characters who will make him as he walk have heroic he has been.


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    Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

    Part Four



    In this extract there is a battle between the old man and the shark. We can noticed that like the old man the shark is determined. Between both the fight appear us very hard and long.

    In this extract we can see that the author use 
    words and expressions to refer to the two characters : 

    About the Shark there are: " not an accident " l 6 / " fast and hard " l 12 / " He " l 12 which imply therefore that the shark is personify / " very big " l 12 / " as fast as the fastest fish " l 13 /  " beautiful except his jaws " l 13-14 / " as blue as a sword fish's "" his belly was silver ''l 14.

    About the old man there are : " the old man " l 1 / " he " l 29

    We see the author would like to show that it was possible that the old man lost the fight. Indeed, unlike to the description of the old man there are plenty of information to describe the shark. A lot of expressions are used in order to show us that it is really stronger.

    During the read of this passage we can understand that this battle was won by the old man although we could thought the contrary. Indeed, this one has succeed to kill it: " he rammed the harpoon down onto the shark's head " l 37.
    In fact, even though the fish was built to feed on all the fishes in the sea, it wasn't able to foil the harpoon's old man.

    We can say that the end of this novel arrive quite quickly. Therefore, we can conclude that this battle between both characters is short but well detailed. And I strongly believe that maybe the author didn' t want to passe too much time on this episode for not bored the readers.

    At the end of the extract the old man express certains regrets. For example, it's possible to see at line 51 " now my fish bleeds again...". Here, we can discern a feeling of sadness at the old man. He seems like almost in connexion with the big fish l 52 " When the fish had been hit it was as though he himself were hit ".

    From my point of view the old man has now entered " the nightmare stage " because his life isn't no longer in danger and he might come back without the shark because this one is ate by the fish.


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