•                                                            THE FIFTH CHILD by Doris Lessing                   

    The Fifth Child is a novel which was written by the British writer Doris Lessing. It was published for the first time in the United Kingdom in 1988. Moreover, it was translated into a number of languages. 



    Harriet and David are a model couple.
    Harriet waits for the fifth time is pregnant. However, her pregnancy will not be the same as those of previous times. Indeed, tiredness, anger and pain will be especially so daily.
    Later the baby is born (Ben) if he is strangely large, is aggressive and causes the reject of other children of David and Harriet. Despite, his difference Harriet protects and love has its way. Gradually the family will "dissolve", each child will leave home, David will get less and less his home after work ...
    Throughout his novel, Doris Lessing will we exposed a societal problem: the disability ( handicapped person ). The fear of difference.


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