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    A BOOK REPORT by Anne-Sophie


    Title                              :    The Masque of the Red Death

    Author                          :  Edgar Allan Poe

    Date of publication      :   May 1842

    Setting                          :   I suppose Middle Ages

    Characters : Charactersdescriptions:

    The Prince Prospero 

    It's an excentrique  man. Indeed, we can  see  particularly  with  the construction  of this abbey- The 7 appartements.

     The Prince is also  selfish. In fact, he  takes  in his  monastery only Knights  and  dames of court.. Then, it's a person  fearful because  when the « The Red Dreadt » to approach  him , he  runs away .

                                         The Red Death

    It's  a  character very strange.. Moreover, we can't qualifie  « The Red Death » of person.  She  wears a white mask  and  I suppose  a sort of cape.


    Main theme : "The Red Death" who's the pestilence terrorized everybody.


    Summary of the plot: 

     During a long time the pestilence ravaged the country: it called « The Red Death ». It caused in  people of sharp pains , sudden dizziness and profuse bleeding. The patients were completed in half an hour.

    Result ( suite) the depopulated of his dominions, The Prince Prospero gathered in one of his abbeys: Knights and dames of his court. After, 5 or 6 month of seclusion in abbey, the Prince organized a sumptuous masked ball.

     The Prince was an eccentric person. That's why, he had decorated very strangely the 7 rooms where there was the ball. Indeed, each rooms had a specific color. Moreover, the color of the windows corresponded to the decoration. For example, there was a blue, a crimson, a green, an orange, a white, a purple. However, the 7th was different: she was black and the panes of the windows were deep blood color. It was sinister and dark. 

     This room inspired fear to the people, that's why nobody wanted to enter. Inside, was a large ebony clock that sounded sinisterly evry hour; so everybody stopped to talk and the orchestra ceased to play. A trouble was created. The more aged and sedate passed their hands over their brows as if in confused reverie or meditation. Then, when the echoes of the clock was stopped, hilarity through again the crowd.

     The evening, passed well until a strange character come to perturb the people. Dressed a cape and a sinister mask, the character advanced... So



    Personal opinion:


    Despite the difficulty of understanding this short story , I liked the plot. Indee, it's special, strange but also unusual. However, from my point of view, the end of the news is not very original. In reality, I was expecting the presence of a turnaround of situation.



















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    Mrs Ricard Profil de Mrs Ricard
    Dimanche 8 Avril 2012 à 22:40

    une nouvelle = a short story

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