•                                           Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

                                                                               Part One


    I suppose this novel is about a fisherman who likes the marine world, the sea. I think that maybe the old man speaks of his personals experiences, maybe the problems to meet in sea with the big fish.... I guess that to fish is his work and his passion. Maybe that this work his a work passed down from generation to generation, from father to son...


    On book cover : « You are killing me, fish, the old man thought. But you have a right to. »

    = This story tells about the '' relation/ conflict '' between the fisher and the fish...


    Essentials Informations about the Story:


    • The story takes place: in a skiff in the Gulf Stream. At that moment, I suppose that is the day.

    • The Characters are:


      The old man = *He names Santiago.

                              * He's about 70 years-old « The old-man »

                                         * His main occupation is to fish « fished alone »

                                         * « The old man was thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck / The brown blotches of the benevolent skin cancer the sun brings from its reflection on the tropic sea were on his cheeks. / The blotches ran well down the sides of his face and his hands had the deep- creased scars from handling heavy fish on the cords. / Everything about hil was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea. »


               The boy = * We don't know his name

                                 * He is about 17 years-old «the boy's parents» / « It was Papa made me leave.I am

    a boy and I must obey him» / « Can I offer you a beer on the Terrace... »

                                 * I guess that is boy is leaning to fish « the boy had gone at their orders in another

    boat which caught three goog fish the first week »

                                 * We have any physical description on the boy.



    The relationship between the two main characters :

     In this story, I noticed that the old man and the boy to had a enough special relation. Indeed, this two men seem like to maintain links very strong.

    Because the boy's parents order him to leave the skiff's old man to go in another ship where the fishing is better, this one is « sad to see the old man come in each day with his skiff empty and he always went down to help him carry either the coiled lines... ». We can understand that the boy would like to rejoin the old man to help in his work.

    We can notice also a sentence very important about the relationship between the two men « The old man had thaught the boy to fish and the boy loved him ». From my point of view is a key sentence.Thanks to this sentences, we learn that the boy grants much importance at the old man.

    Eventually, we can see that the old man like too the boy « The old man looked at him with his sun-burned, confident loving eyes. » / « If you were my boy... ».

    I can conclude that this two men have to create fundamental links betweem them. I think that never they could break. To me, they have a relation as Father and Son.


    The main characters personality :

     The old man = « cheerful and undefeated »; « angry »; « He was holding his glass and thinking of many years ago »;« I can remember »; « looked at him with his sun-burned, confident loving eyes »

    « his hope and his confidence »; « agree »; « attained humility »; « not disgraceful »; « no loss of true pride »


    The boy = « sad » ; « I could go with you again »; « Can I offer you a beer... »; « Can you remember ? »



    The reasonwhy the other fishermen '' made fun of '' the main character, or '' looked at him and were sad '' ? :

     The other fishermen made fun of the old man because this one didn't fished any fish since eighty-four days. Indeed, to them it was not normal but also as a catastrophe. They thought that it was impossible to not fish only one fish in 2 months...

    Although, they made fun of the main characters, the fishermen were sad to the old man « looked at him and were sad ». From my point of vieux, they were a little worried for their colleague. I strongly believe that they show a certain fraternity because the fishing is a hard work. And the situation became complicated for the old man who didn't fished during a long period. I think that it's compassion.



    '' Tomorrow is going to be a good day with this current '', he said :

     Here we can understand, that the old man to do confidence at currently. Indeed, he seems think that thanks to them, that he could made a good fishing. The old man hopes that this currently could enable him to obtain much fish.


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  •  What I like reading ? 

     I like reading the books in link with the Middle-Ages. For example "The Doves of the King-Sun" ; "Jacquou the crunchy" or still "The three musketeers". I guess it's because I love that era, that life: the chivalry, the swords and the masked balls...What's more for me the medieval period is representative of romanticism. I like also reading Mangas. On the other hand, dislike reading fantastic books (finally, it depends on the books). I prefer the reality.

    How often do I read ?

    In the whole, I read at least one or two a week. Otherwise, whenhave the time: so, in the evening after my homework, on Wednesdays after lunch, and the weekend. I read for thirty/ forty minutes. But sometimes I have no time, as on Tuesday night because I practice a sport.


                                        Where do I reading ? 

     I like reading in my bedroom, on my bed with the door closed. In this way, I can be quiet, nobody disturb me. During this moment I can escape and forget all my worries, all my problems. But I like also reading  in my garden when it's nice. It's more peaceful and relaxing.

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                                        Ernest Hemingway ( 1899 - 1961 ) : the traveler



    Ernest Hemingway was born in July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, in Illinois. This man is an american author and  reporter, who has stopped his studies to go in Key West to work at Kansas City Star ( Famous newspaper founded in 1880 in Missouri in the United States - Link Kansas City Star ) where he will work during 10 years-old.

    Two years later ( 1918 ), during the WWI, he worked as an ambulance driver. And at that era, he felt in love with a nurse and stayed about 8 years-old together: that nurse called Hadley Richardson (1891- 1979). But, they divorced in 1927.

    You should know that Ernest Hemingway had too worked in the newspaper The Toronton Star!            Between 1919 - 1920.

    E.Hemingways liked much the Sport : For example he assisted at a Bull-fighting to Pamplona in Spain ; he participated at a safaris in Africa... ( Then, he returned to USA ).

    More later, in 1928, he married with Pauline Pfeifer (1895-1951) she's also a repoter ! But, the couple has divorced in 1937...

    Altough E. Hemingway is an intellectual, he is too interested by fishing and hunting^^ ( He hunted the deers ! ). It's important to say that this man will write anyway a book about the fish = The Oldman and the sea - 1951 ( a book really sensational with much emotions***). Hemingway like much to write.

    Then, whereas it is the civil war in Spain, he went there and became a war correspondent.

    Afterward in 1939, he left to Spain and then went to settle in Cuba. There he will marry with another reporter - 1940 : she named Marta Gellhorn (1908-1998) ( both will divorce 5 years-old later ). One years before -1944, E.Hemingway was a war correspondent in France and he was present in Paris during the liberation.

    Once more, he will marry in 1946. The lucky winner was again a reporter and this one called Marry Welsh (1908-1986). The will stay years-old together.

    E. Hemingway like too travel. That's why, he will go to Venice and will stay several months.

    But, this historical character will know a sad end. Indeed, he going to suicide in ketchum in Idaho...


    Video = click here








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  •                                                                 William Somerset Mauham ( 1874-1965 )

    William Somerset Maugham was an English  novelist, playwriter but also short story writer. At his era, he was very reputedly and among the most popular writers  but not only. Indeed, he was the highest paid author during the 1930s !





     Summary of his short story MABEL ( published in 1929 )

    In MABEL's W.Somerset Maugham, the narrator was at Pagan in Burma. Whereas  it's the night, this one just before to leave to Mundalay ( " a couple of days before I got there " ) stop in a plesant little Club. In this club, he met a man who named George : he was tall / thin/ bronzed with a big moustache/ a khaki short and a khaki shirt. Together, they discussed ( We don't know his name ). More later, another man is arrived . Although, they didn't know, they began to speak. The unknown's friend questionned the narrator about his wife Mabel.

    From my point of view, this part introduce and allow at readers to discover the plot of story.

    Indeed, thanks to this part we discover: 

    - Who are the main characters =  So, MABEL and The Narrator ( George )

    - What is their situation =   The narrator is engaged to marry Mabel. After that, Mabel's father died. Then, the war began and the narrator left at war. As a consequence,  the two lovers was separated - during seven years. When, George came back of the war, he is intimidated because he hadn't seen Mabel for seven years...That's why, he decided to shun and to escape Mabel. Indeed, he was afraid of getting married : he sent her a letter and took the boat. George will travel all around the world.

    So, began the " impressive " Mabel's pursuit of her fiance... 

    At the end, Mabel found George. This one, accept to married. He loves her. Nothing has changed in the fact they eventually get marry however George has understood that he really love Mabel. At the beginning love was linked to difficulties.



    You can't escape your problems, by travelling all around the world. You must face your your problems for solve them.


    Here is, the travel short story fits Christopher Bookers's " pattern":

    Anticipation stage:   Georges think travelling, it's the best way to avoid marry Mabel =" She was a total stranger ".

    Drean stage:  When Georges is to Singapore, he thinks he'll be safe.

    Frustation stage:  He realizes he can't escape Mabel. She knows always where he is.

    Nightmare stage:  When she stepped outn she has found him. George was petrified.

    Thrilling escape and return:  Back to step me, they've get married.


    For read it: click here





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  • .
     Voyage and Return stories:
     main features

                                                    The Lord of the Rings:


    The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy novel of J.R.R Tolkien in three volumes published between 1954 and 1955. The first novel is The Fellowship of the Ring, the second is The Two Towers and the third is The Return of the King.

    That trilogy is famous across the world and had been adapted in movie by Peter Jackson.


    1. Anticipation stage and '' fall '' into the other world:


        Firstly, the young boy doesn't know the world around him (  the others shires, lands, mountains... ). Indeed, in his life he passes his time to laugh and to have fun with his friends Pippin and Merry as well as his best friend Sam. For example, the night he goes at bar to sing, dance with them. Therefore, an impression of gullibility arise from this young boy.   

    More later, Gandalf ( the white wizard ) comes in the shire in order to announce to Frodo that the ring must be put in security because this one represents a real danger for people.

     In this first part, we can noticed that this world is pleasant but there is a death threat which weigh upon all the residents of this world. 

    Here, the link that we can create with the Booker's shema is: - the character is young and naïve with only limited experience of the world. Moreover, he going to carry out a quest and as a consequence discover a new world, the unknown...

     2. Initial fascination or Dream stage:

     In this second part the two best friends Frodo and Sam, leave the shire in order to protect the ring. From that moment, they enter in the New World. We can say that their exploration begins. The two friends are excited but also enthusiastic. In fact, all is new for them : for example the landscape, the road... 

    For the first time they set feet in another place. And because they are outside the shire they resent a feeling of liberty. But, this sensation tend to their remember that their aren't at their home. And that henceforth, it's a long and dangerous adventure which starts. 

    Here, it's the link that we can establishes with the Booker's shema. So, we are in the Dream stage.


    3. Frustration stage:




    In this third part, Frodo and Sam have meet their league (The Fellowship of the Ring ). But, they are tracked by the Black Knights that's why they are frightened but more especially they feel oppresive because they are conscious that they aren't in security.

    More later, the league is attacked by Sauron's men. And during this passage the two friends are separed from The Fellowship of the Ring. Therefore, they must continue their road alone, without any protection in direction of the Mordor ( the place where is Sauron's mind ). 

    But, Frodon begins to be a little possessive about the ring. Also, he is increasingly agressive, frustrated and dark. Indeed, the ring is implicity the evil, it's a sort of obscure strenght which arrive to take possession from his mind. This object as a real bad influence on Frodo, that's why his personnality has changed.

     In this part the Frustration stage is ubiquitous...The link that we can see with the Booker's shema is that the main character resent a shadow above him and this shadow becomes increasingly alarming... 

     4. Nightmare stage:

    As we have said precedently, the ring has a harmful influence on Frodo..

    But each time, that the two best friends move closer of the Mordor, the young boy Frodo did more and more nightmares... And because of all these nightmares, Frodo becomes brutal,hostile but also choleric For example, he doesn't want to give the ring at Sam only for some hours. 

    In reality, Frodo is oppresses by the ring. This ring is become a shadow and now this shadow poses a threat on the hero.

    Here, the link that we can establishes with the Booker's shema is that the hero, isn't the same person. In fact, he resents a stronger oppression on account of all this nightmares, he no longer has control on his emotions. To clonclude, he is oppressed. This episode, correspond to the Nightmare stage.

    5. Thrilling escape and return:


    At the end Frodo has manage  to destroy the ring in the flames of Mordor and thanks to this heroic act the Sauron's mind isn't present. 

    Thereby, Frodo and Sam are returned in the Shire. 

    We can say that this journey has been positive for Frodo, because this one has won in maturity. Furthermore, he is no longer the young and artless Hobbit that he was. 

    Frodon, has totally changed, it's a new person who wants to leave the shire. Henceforth, he has need of calm, to live in a peaceable place. Frodo thinks as an adult and he is much wise mentally.

     In this part it's the end of evil and the main character has changed mentally. He has evolved, he has fundamentally changed. It wasn't just a dream ! So, it's that we can say about the Thrilling escape and return of the main character. Now, it's a responsible person.



    Here are two links that I appreciate:




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